Scans of Edward Harrison's schoolbook from 1845.

The book was given to Valerie Gilbert by someone in Scarborough.

The book has been repurposed in the second part as list of transactions, purpose unknown.

Someone, sometime,  has roughly added page numbers in blue pen - and missed some pages in the process. 

The scans are quite large - could probably do with being reduced.

Download EH-0-Cover-and-Title

Download EH-1a-Practice-Continued

Download EH-1b-Tare-and-Trett

Download EH-1c-Simple-Interest

Download EH-1d-Commision-and-Brokerage

Download EH-2-Second-Part

Available records:

1858 marriage

1859 son born

1861 census

1871 census

1878 death

1878 probate

1885 son marriage

1941 census